Cloud Computing

Our Services and Capabilities

  • Complete Customization

    We work on the full customization of your Zoho CRM. Our customization includes –
    Home Tab Customization · Tab Settings · Page-level Customization · Field-level Customization · Account Settings · User Roll and Permission · Manage Subscriptions

  • Web Forms integration

    We integrate Web Forms to capture Leads/Contacts in Zoho from your website landing pages, gather feedback from website visitors and invite customers to upcoming events.

  • Workflow Automation

    We set up Workflow Automation for you in zoho which will at least 2-3 hours per day in your business.
    Assign leads with notification · Accelerate sales follow-ups · Assign Tasks · Personalized alerts · Webhooks · Custom functions

  • Data Management

    We provide support on in creating, verifying and ensuring data integrity by maintaining relationships and implementing access controls throughout the databases.
    Import Data · Export Data · Migrate to Zoho CRM from Other CRM · Data Backup

  • Templates

    We create customized email templates, inventory templates and mail merge templates as per your business requirement.

  • API Integration

    We integrate CRM modules with third-party applications such as, accounting, ERP, e-commerce, self-service portals and others.

  • Reporting

    We create reports for your business depending on your requirement

  • Training

    Our Expert Technicians will provide you a complete training session on Zoho CRM

Zoho Campaign Customization

Our Services and Capabilities

  • Complete Customization

    We work on the full customization of your Zoho Campaign.

  • Create Campaign

    We create the Campaign for you from your provided PSD. Your email looks perfect, no matter what browser or email client your end user has.

  • Run Campaign

    We Run the Campaign for you with your scheduled time and to defined contact segment and also monitor the email transition after the campaign sent.

  • Contact Management

    We create the contact lists for you. Create Segment and also process and upload contacts from your provided lists.

  • Create Campaign Templates

    We create custom templates for your Campaign

  • Sync with Zoho CRM

    We set up synchronization between Zoho crm and Zoho Campaign. So that everyday the contacts in your Campaign will be up-to-date with your zoho crm

Google Apps

Our Services and Capabilities

  • Google apps set up

    Set up your complete google apps for your business.

  • Email Address create

    Create your email addresses as per your requirement.

  • Email Account Migration

    Migrate your complete email account from other system or other domain.

  • Google for you

    We work for the google integration with your service. We work on following –
    Google API· Gdata · Google Guru Script · Geo Location · Google Map ·

We also customize, train and support -