About Us

SOFTANIS is a offshore software development, designing & outsourcing company with providing of full business solution with high quality assurance, long term service with a very low cost. We have been working with a wide range of business solution over the years for different people of different countries. Our motto is not to provide you a website only, but we keep going unless you achieve business using the best of IT era.
Steps in Our Works

We start with listening to our clients. We read through your project specifications, check all your files, and in most cases, see how we can make your project better.If we have any questions

or suggestions, we will let you know and go over everything together one on one. Once everything is clear, we’ll start working on your project.


Great front-end development takes skill and craft to deliver impeccable results. Well-planned intelligent markup takes analysis and experience. Solid implementation projects involve deep investigations into how things should be done.


We are always ahead of the curve. Our developers continually work to explore new technologies, methods, and techniques. Working on one project at a time assures dedicated project focus and a rapid turnaround, thus ensuring clients always receive top-notch and the most intelligent markup and implementation development.


Once the project is complete, we deliver a preview for you to review and to make sure everything is flawless. If you have any questions, need any assistance, want to make some changes, or in the rare case, find we missed something, we will be right there helping you through the process and making sure you are completely satisfied.